Error Handling

Faulty read errors

02/04 17:36:48 [INFO  ] starting download for target hcp72
02/04 17:37:20 [ERROR ] download for failed
    hint: faulty read: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'read'

This is a good indicator that the connection between hcplogs and HCP has been cut off by a third party while downloading the logs.

Check if your connection to HCP is routed through a proxy or load balancer. Most likely, there is a setting that cuts off connections that last longer than some seconds, even if in transaction.

As downloading the logs from HCP is not too fast, it is possible that these settings are too short. Look out for the proxy/load balancer configuration that is responisble for traffic to HCPs port 9090 (MAPI).

Load Balancer settings example

map to buried treasure

The screenshot shows the relevant panel for Brocade’s VTM