Log record structure

Types of logs

hcplogs collects three different types of access logs (depending on how it is configured):

  • admin_request

    Log records originated by the use of the System or Tenant Management Consoles

  • http_gateway_log

    Log records originated by data access through one of the REST-based gateways (native/REST, HSwift, HS3)

  • mapi_gateway_request

    Log records originated by requests made to the Management API REST gateway


These examples are from the http_gateway_log; examples from admin_request and mapi_gateway_request are not shown here, as they are very similar to the native/REST log records shown.

  • native/REST request: - filesUser [08/Dec/2015:07:29:05 +0100] \
        "GET /rest/files/testfile/1.1" \
        200 1024 files.aw21 9
  • HSwift request: - swiftuser [07/Dec/2015:21:14:38 +0100] \
        "GET /swift/v1/swifttest/test1?limit=10000 HTTP/1.1" \
        200 530000 test1.swifttest 5750
  • HS3 request: - s3user [08/Dec/2015:07:28:44 +0100] \
        "GET /73-created-01?prefix=&max-keys=1000&delimiter=%2F HTTP/1.1" \
        200 575 xyz@hs3 166

Columns explained

column content description
1 the clients IP address
2 - not used, always ‘-’
3 filesUser userId used by the client for this request
4 [08/Dec/… timestamp
5 “GET …
the request made by the client

“/rest/…” –> native/REST

“/swift/v1/<account>/<container>/…” –> HSwift
<account> maps to Tenant (or Tenant-Id if
Keystone is used for authentication),
<container> maps to Namespace

<bucket>/…” –> HS3
<bucket> maps to Namespace
6 200 http returncode
7 1024 size of returned content



<namespace>.<tenant< (native/REST) or
<tenant>.<container> (HSwift)

<tenant> @ HS3 gateway
9 9 HCP internal latency (ms)